Adam's Videos

Below are some of Adam's original songs and the corresponding video clips.

Who Needs Jamaica

Who Needs Jamaica is a look at how you can turn your own backyard into your very own oasis, no matter where you live.

And while it would be great to go to Jamaica or any luxurious holiday desitnation, with good friends, and a little creativity...

Who Needs Jamaica!


Faith Hope & Love

Is Adam's very first song co-written with Gina Jeffrey's and recorded at Rod McCormacks.

It's a touching song about his journey through Leukaemia and the hardships and miracles that he experienced along the way.

Faith Hope & Love it truly touching!

Rodeo Clown

This is off Adam's third album "Driftwood" and is a story about finding love in strange places.

It's also has a deeper meaning about loyalty and raw honesty that many country music lovers love.

Rodeo Clown is the ultimate love story!

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