Hold a Fundraiser For Seniors Entertainment & The Mater Hospital Ward 5C

Now you can hold fundraisers for Adam's seniors entertainment program "Adopt-a-Singer" and his other cause the Haematology Ward 5C at the Newcastle Mater Hospital.

Both of these are extremely close to Adam's heart, as the ward saved his life in mid 2010 when he faced his own journey with Leukaemia with only 3 weeks to live.

After his recovery and the best part of 6 months in isolation, he understood what it was like to be lonely and afraid with an illness.

So with this isolation in mind Adam has had quite a few fundraisers done for both these causes and the money donated is split 50-50.

50% goes to his Adopt-a-Singer program and supplements aged care concerts.

The other 50% is donates to the Haematology Ward 5C at the Newcastle Mater Hospital.

So if you're looking at doing a fundraiser and don't know who to raise funds for in your next fundraiser, both Adam and the Mater Hospital Ward 5C would be extremely grateful if you considered these two causes.

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